11 Equipment

11.1 Equipment may be supplied to facilitate use of this service. The customer must take reasonable care of such Equipment and must not deliberately damage it, tamper with it, attempt to repair it, replicate it or disassemble it in any way. The customer is not allowed to remove the Equipment from the Equipment service address specified in this contract without our written permission in advance. The customer must tell us where the equipment is at any time if we ask.

11.2 When this contract ends, or we replace the Equipment, the customer must within 14 days observe our reasonable instructions as to the return of the equipment to us, its collection by us, or its disposal by the Customer.

11.3 The equipment belongs to us at all times. The customer is not allowed to sell the equipment nor to give it away, nor to allow any one else to keep it.

11.4 Your telephone system which relies upon either pstn or isdn 2 or isdn 30 connectivity is your responsibility to maintain and ensure that proper security is in place to avoid any hacking. Hacking means that any third party whether under your employment or not manages to obtain access to the phone system and make outbound calls to any destination worldwide. In the event this happens you will be liable for all call charges that occur as a result. It will be your responsibility to ensure that that proper security methods are in place to avoid this.

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